Christmas Hamper Instructions

Hello guys. Merry merry Christmas. Thank you so much for purchasing one of our Christmas boxes. I really hope you all have a wonderful day, and it makes everything loads easier than the normal Christmas day stress.

Each tub/vacuum bag will contain the number of portions you have bought and have a numbered sticker on top that matches to the inventory below.  

A couple of bits to do before you pop your stuff away until Christmas day. Please check the inventory below and make sure you have everything before you pop it away. Obviously if you find out on Christmas day something is missing, we won’t be able to do anything about it. 

Secondly open up the bag of ice cream mix (number ) and empty the contents into the tub it’s in and pop it straight in the freezer ready for Monday. 

  1. Duck liver parfait
  2. Onion marmalade
  3. Salad leaves
  4. Candied walnuts (please don’t refrigerate these)
  5. Salad dressing
  6. Brioche
  7. Turkey breast
  8. Stuffed turkey leg
  9. Stuffing
  10. Roast turkey gravy
  11. Pigs in blankets
  12. Swede and carrot crush
  13. Braised red cabbage
  14. Brussel sprouts/bacon/chestnut
  15. Roast potatoes
  16. Sticky toffee pudding
  17. Orange and thyme caramel sauce
  18. Caramelised pecan ice cream (don’t forget to freeze this one)

Once you have checked everything off your inventory list, please scan the QR code below to see the video of me showing you how to put it together. I would suggest watching it in advance so that you have a good idea of what to expect. Its dead simple, just get well organised and enjoy yourself. 

Thank you very much again and merry Christmas 

Alex and the team